Citation Notices

Citation notices are normally emailed 2 hours after the violation time. Individuals who choose not to register their vehicle with Parking Services will have a significant delay in receiving the email notices. It is the individual's responsibility to manage their inbox i.e. "Clutter". Delayed email notices do not warrant citations being voided.

Modified on November 7, 2016

Citation Violations

Misuse of Permission $300
Blocked Disabled Access $150
Fire Lane/Red Zone $75
Loading Overtime $75
Parked Reserved Space $50
Health Center Patient Parking $50
Castellaw Loading $50
Moped Not Designated Area $50
Orange Tow Warning $35
Yellow Registration Tow Warning $35
Moped Permitted as Motorcycle $35
Not Permitted for Area (No/Incorrect Permit) $35
Not Permitted for Area (Faculty/Staff) $35
Not Permitted for Area (Visitors Area) $35
Arbors Permit Only $35
Fairmont Permit Only $35
Over Time Limit $35
Not Designated Space $25
Prohibited Area $25
License Plate Not Displayed $25
Green Registration Official Notice $15

*Modified August 24, 2017.

You may receive a handwritten (paper) parking notice (usually issued by the Baylor Police Department). Handwritten notices may not be available for appeal for up to 48 hours after being issued.