Citation Notices

Citation notices are normally emailed 2 hours after the violation time. Individuals who choose not to register their vehicle with Parking Services will have a significant delay in receiving the email notices. It is the individual's responsibility to manage their inbox i.e. "Clutter". Delayed email notices do not warrant citations being voided.

Text Alerts: Students can sign up for text alerts as an additional notification of receiving a citation notice. Click Here for more information.

Citation Violations

Misuse of Permission $300
Blocked Disabled Access $150
Fire Lane/Red Zone $75
Parked Reserved Space $50
Health Center Patient Parking $50
Castellaw Loading $50
Moped Not Designated Area $50
Orange Tow Warning $35
Yellow Registration Tow Warning $35
Not Permitted for Area (No/Incorrect Permit) $35
Not Permitted for Area (Faculty/Staff) $35
Not Permitted for Area (Visitors Area) $35
Over Time Limit $35
Not Designated Space $25
License Plate Not Displayed $25
Green Registration Official Notice $15


You may receive a handwritten (paper) parking notice (usually issued by the Baylor Police Department). Handwritten notices may not be available for appeal for up to 48 hours after being issued.