Campus Crime & Fire Log

The online crime log lists crimes or alleged crimes and fire incidents that occur on campus, as well as within the extended patrol jurisdiction of the Baylor University Police Department. Up to three months of activity is available online at one time.

Crimes may be temporarily withheld from this log if the following might occur:

  1. The disclosure will jeopardize the confidentiality and safety of a victim or the integrity of an ongoing investigation
  2. The disclosure may cause a suspect to flee or evade
  3. The disclosure may result in the destruction of evidence

The criteria required to be listed is as follows:

  1. Date/Time the crime occurred
  2. General location of the crime
  3. Nature of the crime
  4. Disposition of the complaint
Disposition Definitions:

Active - The investigation into this crime is still ongoing
Suspended - The case is not being actively investigated due to a lack of witnesses and information.
Cleared by Arrest - The individual or individuals involved in this case were arrested for the alleged offense.
Referred to Judicial Affairs - The student or students involved were referred to the Student Conduct Administrator for review and possible sanctions.
Referred to Other Agency - The case has been referred to another agency for any further action.
Closed - The case has been investigated and is closed out.
Cleared - The case has been investigated and an arrest was made or property was recovered.
Warrant issued - The case has been investigated and a warrant was issued for involved parties.

All case dispositions are regularly updated. If you are following a case, please note that all updates will be listed in the updates section at the bottom of the incident page.