Crime Free Multi-Housing

The Crime Free Multi-Housing program is designed to build a partnership between police and managers of rental properties that will enhance the ability to reduce crime, drugs, and other criminal activity on the property.

The Crime Free Multi-Housing program approaches crime on many fronts. The police cannot solve crime problems alone. Neither can the management or residents of rental properties. But by working together, the end result has been the most successful approach to crimes in rental communities.

There are three (3) ways criminal activity comes into a rental community. The criminal lives there, they visit friends there, or they come to the property to commit crimes. The Crime Free Multi-Housing program addresses all three of these possibilities. By not renting to people with criminal intent, they not only reduce the likelihood of crime in the community, they also reduce the number of visitors who come to the property with criminal intent, i.e., to purchase drugs.

If the police, property managers and residents will make a dedicated effort to crime prevention and the Crime Free Multi-Housing program, the outlook for success is extremely high. This program has consistently delivered a reduction in call volume when applied.