Employing Baylor Police for an Event


It is our desire to assist you with your security needs to help insure the success of your event. The Baylor Police Department’s Special Event Coordinator is available to confer with you to discuss your security needs to help ensure the success of your event.  Follow the link to obtain additional information about procuring  BUPD Special Events Staffing.  


Additional information concerning hiring security for a special event includes:

• Anyone desiring to have a police officer present for any event requiring any level of security (a concert, program, ball game, graduation or other event) on Baylor University property must contact the Baylor University Police Department’s Special Event Coordinator to arrange for police officer presence.

• No law enforcement agency is authorized to act on any campus property unless under the direction of the Baylor University Police Department. Departments within the university, individuals or organizations are not authorized to contract with any other law enforcement or private security agencies for the purpose of providing security or police protection at an event other than the Baylor Police Department.

• A per hour charge for each officer utilized is assessed for events on Baylor University property requiring police presence. There is a two-hour minimum charge per officer.

• If the event is to be cancelled or the times or dates changed, 48-hour advanced notice is requested. If cancellations are made on the day of event, the sponsor may be charged a two-hour minimum for each officer if there is not an adequate amount of time to notify the officers assigned of the cancellation of  the event and they report for duty.