Baylor Alert

Baylor Alert is Baylor University’s system for alerting students, staff and faculty in the event of an emergency or threat on campus. The following systems may be utilized to communicate emergency information and procedures to campus constituents:

  • Outdoor Notification System (Main Campus Only)
  • Indoor Notification System (Main Campus Only)
  • Email notification to Baylor email account (
  • Text message to cell phone (sender short codes include 226787, 67283, 78015, and 81437)
  • Audio message to a cell phone or other telephone
  • Designated Baylor website
  • @bayloralert on Twitter
  • Baylor Information Line (254) 710-4411

All initial messages will provide a brief description of the emergency type. When additional information is available a text may be sent to direct students, staff and faculty with further instructions. The information you receive may caution you to avoid certain areas of the campus, let you know if classes are canceled due to an emergency, or provide vital information on what actions you need to take if you are on campus during such a situation.

Notifications are given to the entire community due to the size of the campus, the frequency of movement within the campus by community members, and the concept of keeping the entire community aware of significant emergencies.

Additionally, a Baylor Timely Warning or Baylor Safety Warning may be issued utilizing the same process used for Baylor Alerts.

  • A Baylor Timely Warning is notification of Clery crime(s) that have already occurred and are considered by the institution to represent a serious or continuing threat to students and employees,
  • A Baylor Safety Notification may be issued when an incident or crime has occurred and may affect members of the campus community, but an emergency notification or timely warning is not required. 

If you receive a Baylor Alert, Baylor Timely Warning, or Baylor Safety Notification please share the information immediately.