Resources for Religiously Diverse Students

Annual Faith Traditions Reception

Each fall, the President's Office, University Chaplain, and Better Together BU host a reception to celebrate the rich cultural diversity found throughout the world and reflected in the Baylor family. Students are invited to join President Livingstone, Dr. Burt Burleson, and other supportive staff and faculty to make connections within the Baylor community.

Better Together BU

Better Together is our on campus group that is part of a national network of colleges and universities who are passionate about religious and interfaith literacy, sharing our stories, working together to solve global issues, and becoming better leaders and citizens. This group offers students opportunities to reflect on their own culture, community, and sense of “self” and to develop a deeper understanding and appreciation for each other. Becoming literate in one’s own religious tradition and the tradition of others equips men and women to engage in national and international life in a meaningful and thoughtful way. 

Our advisory board is composed of staff, faculty, and community members who fully support the mission of Better Together and serve as excellent resources for students. 

There are also staff associates, faculty associates, and faculty fellows.

Calendar of Religious Observances 

Within a diverse community, we recognize the need to be aware of the important celebrations and holy days that members of our community observe. We offer a monthly calendar of religious observances that will help our community care for one another. 

Communities of Faith

Find a community in Waco and the larger Central Texas area that will help you deepen your spiritual journey during your time at Baylor. 

Interfaith Reading Room

Located on the second floor of the Poage Library, the Interfaith Reading Room is a space for students of all faith backgrounds to study, meet with one another, or use the reflection room. We know space is important, and we hope you find this to be a place of hospitality and welcome during your busy day. The Reading Room is also the meeting place of Better Together BU. They meet every other Tuesday at 6pm. Contact Spirituality and Public Life in the Office of Spiritual Life for more information.