Bias Response Team (BRT)

Baylor University is committed to a caring and compassionate community. No university, however, is immune to problems of bias and prejudice. If you believe you have been subject to a bias-motivated act, one avenue to pursue is the Bias Response Team, or BRT. BRT operates with the support of the President's Office and consists of staff and faculty who have expertise in diversity issues and conflict resolution. BRT meets regularly to discuss new and ongoing cases.

What does BRT do?

  • Assist and support students who report bias-motivated incidents based on race, nationality, religion, gender, gender identification, age, etc.
  • Recommend pathways for personal and institutional redress and reconciliation.
  • Document information about these incidents in order to address bias-motivated incidents as they occur in habitual or systematic ways at Baylor.
What Should be Reported:

BRT deals with bias-motivated incidents that involve race, nationality, religion, gender, gender identification, age, etc.

Examples of such incidents:
  • You are subjected to verbal abuse because you are an international student.
  • A wall near the door of a Jewish student is defaced with anti-Semitic phrases.
  • Every time you go to your work-study job, your supervisor insists on telling jokes that are demeaning to women.
  • Your professor repeatedly makes racially disparaging comments.
What's Next?

To report an incident to BRT, send an email to A member of BRT should be in contact with you within three days (typically, within 24 hours).