Do you have GRIT?

GRIT = Passion and Persistence

Grit is remembering there are multiple pathways to success, knowing when and how to ask for help, working hard even after you experience failure or feel like quitting, and staying passionate about your purpose even when it is hard.

Join us to learn more ways that you can get gritty and achieve your goals. Come for all 8 sessions, or drop in to just one, after all, we can all use a little grit in our lives!

Workshops will take place on the following Mondays at 3 pm in the Wellness Department in the SLC.

February 13th: Grit 101: How to measure your own grit and avoid negative thinking.

February 20th: Finding your path to success: how to have a growth mindset when you are feeling overwhelmed.

February 27th: Relationships & Grit: Learn how to resolve conflict, fight fair and build healthy relationships.

March 13th: Facing Failure: turn failure into success.

March 20th: Self-Care & Grit: Ways to recharge and reboot.

March 27th: Building long-term healthy habits to achieve Grit

April 3rd: Mindfulness and Gratitude: ways to cope with stress and anxiety.

April 10th: Telling our stories with a Grit mindest

Want more Information? Email Sarah Ritter or Teran Yaklin.