Baylor/Xavier University Exchange Program

The purpose of the Baylor/Xavier University Exchange Program is to coordinate efforts to introduce students to new environments that create an awareness of different institutional and cultural perspectives. The program provides students with a unique opportunity to enhance the high-quality education provided by each institution. For Baylor students, the program provides access to New Orleans’ diverse personality, Xavier’s unique identity as a higher education institution, and the impressive faculty found at an institution with 101 years of history. The Baylor/Xavier exchange extends the transformational education offered at Baylor by introducing students to compelling scholarship from new faculty, inspiring informed engagement within one of the world’s most exciting cities, and stimulating cross-cultural exchange with students who wish to learn about each partner institution.

As part of Baylor’s initiative to integrate diverse learning environments on campus and create leaders prepared to engage a global community, this relationship with Xavier University capitalizes on the unique environment at Xavier. This experience will increase student’s cultural competency and awareness while being immersed in a robust and diverse learning environments. This pursuit of a deeper understanding of African American and Catholic history and culture will strengthen the mission and vision set by Pro Futuris: to educate men and women for worldwide leadership and service.

Frequently Asked Questions

In order to create the best experience for students, all program participants will be invited to join in campus organization meetings and events, explore New Orleans’ vast opportunities, and study with Xavier University professors in major or minor related courses, or elective courses, all while living at the heart of this activity on Xavier’s campus.

Students interested in applying should contact Lori Baker, Assistant to the Office of Institutional Effectiveness and the Office of the EVP & Provost.

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More about Xavier University

Any student interested in interacting with their cultural history, entering our nation’s pluralistic workforce, or even seeking personal development will find the program centers on experiences which engage these areas. Xavier’s rich background provides a setting that makes these interests part of the concrete reality of the student’s education. For example, the maintained presence of the Sisters of the Blessed Sacrament, who initially founded the university with St. Katherine Drexel, makes the catholic faith an animating force in university structure. Similarly, Xavier was founded in an effort to provide African Americans and Native Americans with education opportunities. Today it accepts students from a broad range of backgrounds, but nonetheless perseveres in this mission through required courses in African American studies and the retention of a student body that is 70.2% African American. Furthermore, these fundamental aspects of Xavier’s mission and character are implemented through centers like the CIIP, CMHHDRE, and Confucius Institute which partner with diverse communities to extend students’ educations to new cultural areas, both globally and locally. To learn more about the work these centers do to promote and create diverse experiences, visit Xavier University Exchange Website.

More about New Orleans

New Orleans is the cultural capital of America. It is home to more than a dozen influential cultures and linguistic backgrounds from Cajun to Vietnamese, hosts one of the world’s most popular and impressive festivals, Mardi Gras, and sponsors more than 45 top museums, a luxurious French quarter, the continents Opera Capital, and innumerable cultural, musical, and recreational attractions.

Located within all of this activity is the vibrant community of Xavier University of Louisiana. XULA stands as a monument to the rich African American history and culture which has come to be one of the most prominent cultures in New Orleans. Since the university’s official founding in 1925 it has retained its unique and strong identity as the only African American and Catholic University in the United States while growing top tier programs in education, management, psychology, marketing, nursing and more.