Campus Involvement

Baylor University, a nationally ranked research institution with a focus on both academics and Chrisitan faith, is also a thriving campus where students, staff, and faculty alike can experience belonging within many communities and through many programs.


Calendar of Upcoming Events


To the left, you'll find links to the many departments on campus that offer opportunities to get involved, to share stories, to build strong social ties, to serve our diverse world.

Below, you'll find information on a highlighted group of programs that focus on diversity and inclusion.


THIS Matters


THIS Matters forums offer a series of discussion panels connecting leaders from diverse perspectives to offer context to society's most challenging questions. We attempt to address immediate, unanticipated or unprecedented issues that occur locally and globally, directly and indirectly affecting our campus community. We strive to provide a safe space for students, faculty, staff and members of the community to share ideas and enrich each other’s understanding of the topic. We do not attempt to provide solutions to complex issues or speak on behalf of University officials; instead, we create opportunities to promote dialogue and critical thinking as we further engage with difficult topics.


Public Deliberation Initiative


The Public Deliberation Initiative (PDI) at Baylor University is an initiative of critical deliberative democracy, activism, interdisciplinary collaboration, pedagogical research, student involvement, and training for ongoing community engagement. This initiative seeks to engage students, staff, faculty, and community members in constructive dialogue and deliberation that addresses important global and local issues and offers new perspectives for participants. Baylor's PDI strives to enhance local civic culture, to increase student/citizen participation in community problem solving, to expand collaborative decision-making on campus and in the local community, and to improve citizenship through civic pedagogy. Baylor PDI is a collaboration between Baylor Formation and Community Engagement and Service.


Better Together BU

Better Together BU is a departmental program focused on religious diversity and cultural humility. This group is part of a national network of campuses and universities that are passionate about religious and interfaith literacy, sharing their stories, working together to solve global issues, and becoming better leaders and citizens. As part of Baylor Formation in the Office of Spiritual Life, this group models the Formation departmental values of Christian hospitality, responsibility, vocation and depth.



Let us hear your voice. Help us tell the story of our #baylorfamily.


Beyond participating in the groups above, there are other ways to share your story with our community. You can voice your prayers across campus at chalkboard prayer walls located at the Bobo and the SUB, the BU Prayer Wall, and at the Bobo Chapel or Elliston Chapel.