Diversity Enhancement Grant

Instructions for Applicants

Open to Individuals (Students, Staff and Faculty), Campus Organizations and Programs 

By its nature, a university reflects unity within diversity. The purpose
of the Campus Diversity Committee is to promote diversity as a strength, as a core element in academic excellence, and as a reflection of a caring Christian community. The Campus Diversity Committee, with the support of the Office of the President, seeks to ensure an academic environment that welcomes, recognizes, respects and celebrates the personal heritage of all campus constituents. The Committee should emphasize efforts to strengthen community at Baylor. 

Individuals (students, staff and faculty), organizations and programs are invited to submit grant proposals that would strengthen and promote respect for diversity through innovative leadership and service, or policies, practices, events and programs designed to enhance a climate of understanding and respect throughout the campus community. 

Eight grants will be awarded throughout the academic year for the amount of $1000.  Four grant recipients within the fall semester, and 4 in the spring semester. Individuals and organizations are limited to receiving one grant per semester. Grants will be distributed after the diversity committee receives a summary report for proposed event.

Completed Application: A description (2-5 pages) of the proposed project, service, event and/or program including responses to the areas outlined below: 

Time period for the proposed program: spring, summer or fall and year. Duration of the proposed program (e.g. one day, recurring [identifying frequency] Date(s) and Time of the event/project (e.g. February 2, 2020, 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.) Campus location of the event or project 

A letter of support from the Dean, Director, Chair or Program Manager or Faculty Advisor most closely associated with the proposed service, event and/or program indicating commitment to support for the proposed service, event and/or program. 

A budget for the proposed project, resume(s) of any non-BU speakers invited to participate in the project, list of all collaborating groups and explanation of the nature of the collaboration, any data that documents the need for, support for and expected benefit of this project submit summary of program one week after event. OPTIONAL: submit a picture from event for diversity website 


Completed application packets must be submitted by the application due dates provided below:


Fall Deadline: First Friday in September                      Spring Deadline: First Friday in February


Priority in funding will be given to proposals that are designed to: Reach and include the broader campus community, reflect collaborative efforts between two or more organizations and/or departments, demonstrate diversity as a strength and a core element of academic excellence, build and celebrate community, and be cost effective (reflecting cost sharing). 


The completed application should be submitted to Campus_Diversity@baylor.edu