Final Report

As stated in the Final Report of the Commission on Historic Campus Representations, the Commission’s assessments and recommendations are grounded in the belief that racism in all its forms is inconsistent with the teachings of Jesus Christ and is therefore also inconsistent with Baylor’s Christian mission. Additionally, the group’s recommendations are intended to provide possibilities for taking significant actions, in a spirit of humility and with a goal of healing, that will create a physical environment on campus that tells the complete Baylor story, thereby advancing the cause of racial justice and creating a lasting legacy for future generations of Baylor Bears.

In developing its recommendations, the Commission was guided by the following set of principles:

  • Assessments of historic representations should include the complete historical context of individuals’ lives and the intentions for honoring them with monuments and other representations.
  • Recommendations should seek opportunities for redemptive and inclusive actions.
  • Recommendations should demonstrate the value, dignity and equality of every human being as
  • created and intended by God.
  • Recommendations should reflect Baylor’s commitment to speak the truth in love and to show true love by our actions.
  • Recommendations should offer actionable items both in the short term, to illustrate a commitment to change, and in the long term, to transform Baylor’s campus in a manner that tells the full story of Baylor’s history and honors all who contributed to the institution’s success.
  • Recommendations should bring Baylor closer to alignment with key elements of the University’s vision as articulated in Illuminate, specifically with regard to Christian Environment, wherein it states that our Baptist founders sought to establish an institution of higher learning that would “meet the needs of all ages to come.”
  • Recommendations should reflect a hope for the future — that all who find their home at Baylor University feel connected to its past and responsible for its future.

The Final Report of the Commission on Historic Campus Recommendations provides a summary of the history of each representation or area evaluated, current photos of each representation where helpful, and the recommendations of the Commission for each representation or area.