General Course Selections

Summer classes are filling up fast. Talk with an advisor about these and other class options for rising seniors.

Summer 1 and Summer 2: Geology 1307 (GEO 1307) with Dr. Dan Peppe – Learn about the history of life on Earth focusing on the fossil record from trilobites to dinosaurs to fossil apes. Explore how extinction events have changed life on Earth and have led to the plants and animals that we have on Earth today as well as climate change and how it has shaped the planet and life on Earth in the past, present, and future.

Summer 1: Philosophy 1308 (PHI 1308) with Dr. Michael Beaty – Explore contemporary moral problems through the lens of the nature and characteristics of morality, in general. While doing so, students will delve into the context of particularly important moral issues, and to what extent our typical moral judgments are helpful in thinking about war.

Summer 2: Philosophy 1308 (PHI 1308) with Dr. Paul Carron – Guided by the works of great philosophers and social scientists, students will investigate what it is about our modern world that make us feel so lonely, and what we can do to develop strong communities and live more authentic lives.

Summer 2: Anthropology 1404 (ANT 1404) with Dr. Joe Ferraro – Cavemen and ancient stone tools, cute and fuzzy monkeys, modern hunter-gatherers, modern human biology, cumulative culture. Learn about all the adaptations that set us apart from other animals on earth and the how, when, where, and why these adaptations evolved.

Students may group any of these courses into a Summer of Discovery bundle:

Subject Course Number
Anthropology ANT 1305, ANT 1325, ANT 1404
Biology BIO 1305
Business BUS 1305
Communication CSS 1302
Economics ECO 1305
English ENG 1302, ENG 1310
Film and Digital Media FDM 1303
Forensic Science FORS 2357
Geography GEOG 1300
Geology GEO 1307
Global Engagement GBL 1102
History HIS 1300, HIS 1305, HIS 1307
Journalism JOU 1303
Mathematics MTH 1309, MTH 1320, MTH 1321
Neuroscience NSC 1306
Philosophy PHI 1301, PHI 1308, PHI 1309
Psychology PSY 1305
Religion REL 1310, REL 1350
Sociology SOC 1305
Statistics STA 1380