Robbins College of Health and Human Sciences

Students may group any of these into a Summer of Discovery Bundle

ADM 2311-F1 Fashion Illustration
ADM 4393-S1 Case Studies Apparel & Retail
CFS 3350-F1 Ind & Family Fin Mgt
CFS 4356-S2 Family: Global Perspective
CFS 4357-S1 Child/Family Policy/Advocacy
CSD 1405-F1 American Sign Language I
CSD 1406-S1 American Sign Language II
CSD 4301-S2 Intro to Clinical Audiology
CSD 4352-S2 Diagnostics
CSD 4368-S2 Intro to Aural Rehab
HP 1420-F1/F2 & FA/FB Human Anatomy & Co-requisite Lab
HP 2306-S1 Anatomical Kinesiology
HP 4369 Sports Psychology
ID 2322-S1 Computer-Aided Draft/Des
ID 3313-F1 History of Interiors I
LF 1111-F1/F2/S1/S2 Aerobic Running
LF 1134-F1/F2/S1/S2 Fitness Theory & Practice
LF 1181-F1/S1 Beginning Tennis
LF 1182-S1 Intermediate Tennis
LF 1192-F1/F2/S1/S2 Weight Control
NUTR 3314-F1/F2 Consumer Nutrition
PUBH 2313-F1/S2 Consumer Health
PUBH 3320-F1 Stress Mgt/Mental Health
PUBH 4327-S1 Dying and Death Education
RLS 2301-F1 Camp Counseling & Admin
RLS 4396-F1 Diverse Pops in Leisure Programs
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