Incoming Students

Jump start your Baylor experience from home this summer through an innovative collection of discounted online summer course bundles.

Incoming Students

Baylor's Summer of Discovery is making it easy for incoming Baylor students to get a jump start on classes from home this summer with an innovative collection of discounted online course bundles.

Summer 2020 classes will be taught by Baylor faculty in the supportive Christian environment that is a hallmark of a Baylor education. In addition, students will learn alongside new friends who will be a part of their lives on campus.

Here's how it works:

  • Review the Summer of Discovery online course bundles and summer sessions in which they are offered.
  • Summer 2020 classes will be held online and are available across two summer sessions – Summer 1 (June 2-July 7) and Summer 2 (July 9-Aug. 12).
    • Students may choose to attend one or both summer sessions.
    • Many summer classes are filling up fast. Talk with your advisor about the courses highlighted on the General Courses page
  • Courses taken at Baylor in the Summer are discounted from regular tuition. As a part of the Summer of Discovery program, students receive greater discounts as the number of classes taken increases.
    • Take 6 credit hours at a discounted flat tuition rate of $3,500 and save nearly $5,000 on regular summer tuition.
    • Take 9 credit hours at a discounted flat tuition rate of $5,000 and save more than $7,500.
    • Students may take a maximum of 8 hours in any single summer session. The bundle discount applies to cumulative class hours taken across both sessions.
  • Login to your goBAYLOR account and change your entry term to Summer 2020.
    • Deadline to change your entry term and attend Summer 2 is June 25, 2020. Students are eligible to take a maximum of 8 hours during Summer 2.
  • Follow the next steps in your goBAYLOR account to complete academic advising and class registration.  

While the course bundles are meant to serve the broadest first-year student needs, each academic advisor will help students determine if a bundle meets their individual course needs. These discounts also are available to students taking other summer courses that help them make progress towards their degrees.  

Summer of Discovery courses will help students get ahead in core requirements so they can move more quickly into desired majors. Students will have the assurance that these classes are helping them progress towards their Baylor degrees.

Learn about Summer of Discovery bundles for incoming students in these schools and colleges:

Are You Interested in Other Classes?

Summer of Discovery discounts apply to other summer courses that help you make progress toward your degree.

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In order to ensure compliance with state laws regarding consent to treatment, the reduced student fees payable for the online summer session by non-degree-seeking students, incoming freshmen, and transfers do not permit access to Baylor Health Services or Counseling Center. Academic counseling, applicable academic accommodations for disabilities, and other academic services are available for online non-degree-seeking students, incoming freshmen, and transfers. Online students who are present in Waco may use University Libraries, McLane Student Life Center, and other facilities that are open to students. All facilities are subject to closure at any time per government order or at Baylor’s discretion.