ITS Department

The primary mission of Information Technology Services is to provide excellent infrastructure, support, and innovation in the delivery of information technology products and services to enable and empower the university constituency.


BearAware is Baylor's cybersecurity awareness initiative. Throughout the year, Baylor ITS keeps our community BearAware of the latest information security threats through BearAware cybersecurity updates, our @BaylorITS twitter account and the Baylor ITS Facebook page (look for the #BearAware in posts). When information security issues arise, BearAware alerts are distributed by email and through social media. The goal of our initiative is to keep the Baylor community informed about the latest cybersecurity threats so that both personal and university information resources remain secure.

Department of Public Safety

The Baylor Police Department’s (BUPD) mission is to proactively build and strengthen community partnerships. The men and women of the BUPD believe in a shared responsibility with our community to create a secure and inclusive environment that promotes and supports the educational process and also reduces both unsafe perceptions and the opportunity to commit crime on campus through the delivery of high quality, efficient, and consistent law enforcement services to all Baylor students, faculty, staff and visitors. BUPD will carry out this mission with professionalism, fairness and absolute integrity.

Baylor Infosec Club

Baylor Infosec is an organization that focuses on fostering a community of individuals interested in cybersecurity, connecting them with industry professionals for future employment, and developing industry-related skills. Infosec is dedicated to helping students gain both the offensive and defensive aspects of cybersecurity. Members of Baylor Infosec have anywhere between no prior cybersecurity knowledge to advanced skills. The Baylor Cybersecurity competition team is composed of our most advanced members of Baylor Infosec. The goals of the organization are achieved through holding weekly meetings, facilitating hands-on applications, hosting security competitions, and other activities.

Baylor Competitive Cybersecurity Team

The Baylor Cybersecurity Team participates in a variety of collegiate offensive and defensive competitions. The team trains intensively during the academic year in our cybersecurity labs. Often training is hosted in our dedicated, private cloud. Competition are designed to simulate real-world scenarios, encourage students to develop their skills, and then demonstrate their skill set and teamwork during competition.

External Resources

- Department of Homeland Security


- Cyberscoop

To learn more about Baylor University's Cybersecurity Research and Education initiative send us an email: