About Us

Baylor University, a faith-based institution, approaches cybersecurity from a unique perspective. We feel we have a unique contribution to make the community in that our focus as an institution embeds character and ethics. This enables research into the intersection of technology and human ethics. Cybersecurity Research & Education (BU CybRE) initiatives offer a cross-disciplinary approach to a multi-disciplinary problem. These initiatives are supported at the highest levels of the university. The University's staff, through both the Information Technology Services department and the Department of Public Safety are also actively involved in how we provide both key, actionable research and relevant, passionate education to the University audience.

BU Cybersecurity research focuses on the intersection of Human Behavior and Technical Capability. We take an interdisciplinary approach, drawing from expertise in computing, management of information systems, business, political science, mathematics, behavioral psychology, FDM, and engineering. True solutions to the most vexing problems can only be realized by a multifaceted approach that involves community, academia, and industry. For most information on specific research efforts, visit Baylor Research.

Due to this diversity, we are approaching the study, exploration and instruction of cybersecurity from a socio-technical perspective - the intersection of behavior, technology, and policy. We believe this unique approach will drive new and exciting opportunities for collaboration and open avenues of cooperation between the University and industry partners in this sector. Want to learn more? Reach out to us at cybersecurity@baylor.edu

Baylor's Cybersecurity Initiative is part of a global community of cybersecurity institutions. As such, we adhere to NIST and NICE standards for our educational and research efforts.

To learn more about Baylor University's Cybersecurity Research and Education initiative send us an email: cybersecurity@baylor.edu