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The Center for Spatial Research is currently involved in a wide variety of research and development projects.  The program areas CSR specializes in includes water resources, wildland fire, aviation applications, remote sensing and energy.  Current projects underwary include:

Atmospheric Science - CSR supports an active program in meteorology and atmospheric science. This includes managing real-time field weather stations as well as performing research in atmospheric dynamics. Along with research, CSR also teaches academic classes in Synoptic Meteorology, Radar, Hydrometeorology and General Meteorology.

Wastewater Treatment – CSR and the Baylor Wastewater Research Program (BWRP) are currently working on research related to utilizing surface and subsurface wetland systems in wastewater treatment process trains.

Wildland Fire Ecology - Partnering with scientists and faculty from The Institute for Ecological, Earth and Environmental Science (TIEEES), CSR personnel are actively engaged in analysis of the spatial effects of wildland fire ecology.  Additionally, CSR is working on the applicability of applying wildland fire models to operational firefighting.

Water Quality – In conjunction with the Center for Reservoir and Aquatic Systems Research (CRASR), CSR scientists are continuing to conduct a comprehensive evaluation of Lake Whitney and its suitability for use as a regional water supply reservoir.

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