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The staff of the Center for Spatial Research provides the primary instruction for the following courses in Geographic Informaiton Systems (GIS):

  • AVS/ENV/GEO 4485, Introduction to Geographic Information Systems
  • AVS/ENV/GEO 4487, Advanced GIS Analysis
  • GEO 5347, Advanced Studies in Remote Sensing Geomorphology
  • GEO 4V90, Special Problems in GIS

Additionally, CSR's research expertise provides the base for speciality courses in atmospheric science, natural resources management and field studies.

Short Courses and Workshops

CSR can offer a number of short courses or workshops related to specific applications of GIS, the use of field survey equipment including GPS, and other topics upon request. These short courses typically last from one to two days.

GIS Help and Tutorials

Can be found here.

ESRI ArcGIS Courses Online

Students, staff and faculty of Baylor have access to free online classes in ArcGIS and related topics, as part of the site license Baylor maintains with ESRI.  For access codes for these courses offered online through ESRI's Virtual Campus, contact CSR.

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