State Licensure Information

Licensure may be required to practice as a speech-language pathologist in the state that you choose to live.  Requirements vary from state to state, with respect to types of clinical hours, settings, and course requirements.  A given state also may require additional education courses to be allowed to work in a state’s school districts.

The following documents provide students with state-by-state information in regard to Baylor CSD’s program curriculum meeting requirements for licensing as well as contact information with general licensure information.  Although all state licensing and education boards have been reviewed by the Baylor CSD Department for program adherence, it is up to each student to review the boards and be knowledgeable of all requirements.  Please refer to the  link for Professional Education for detailed information on how Baylor Speech-Language Pathology prepares you for licensure.

State-by-State Licensure and Education Board Requirements
State Contacts and Licensure Information