Graduate Leveling

Leveling Graduate Student

A Student who has been accepted to Baylor's CSD Graduate Program, but did not have an undergraduate degree in CSD. In order to prepare you to be successful in the graduate level courses, you will take 2 semesters of "leveling courses" at Baylor in the Fall and Spring semesters. Leveling students enter the program exclusively in the Fall semester. You will be considered a Graduate Student with Leveling Status. Although the courses you will be taking during these two semesters are undergraduate courses, you will have much higher expectations than the other students in the courses. Once you have completed the required leveling courses, you will follow all policies, rules, and course restrictions related to all full Graduate Students.

Leveling Requirements

  • During the Fall semester, you will be classified as a Leveling 1 Graduate Student.
  • During the Spring semester, you will be classified as a Leveling 2 Graduate Student.
  • A total of 25 hours at Baylor is required to complete Leveling Status.

Leveling 1 Graduate Student Status - Fall Semester

  • Must be a full time (minimum of 12 Hours) Program.
  • Fall semester the student will take 13 hours of the following courses:
    • CSD 5305 Leveling- Survey of Speech Pathology and Audiology
    • CSD 5309 Leveling- Introduction to Clinical Audiology 
    • CSD 5307 Leveling- Language Development 
    • CSD 5302 LV-Anatomy & Physiology
    • CSD 5101 Leveling- Observation

Leveling 2 Graduate Student Status - Spring Semester

  • Must be a Full time (minimum of 12 Hours) Program.
  • Spring semester the student will take 12 hours of the following courses:
    • CSD 5306 Leveling- Introduction to Phonological Science 
    • CSD 5303 LV-Speech Science
    • CSD 5304 Advanced Aural Rehab 
    • CSD 5201 Leveling- Clinical Methods 
    • CSD 5149 Clinical Practicum Speech Pathology 
  • Must complete Clinical Methods Course
  • Must complete all Observation Hours.
  • Must complete a section of Clinical Practicum with a reduced client load.

Additional Leveling Requirements

  • A total of 25 hours is required to complete Leveling Status. These hours must be completed in the CSD program at Baylor University.
  • Each Course taken by an L1 or L2 Graduate Student will have an approved (by the Curriculum Committee) set of Graduate Requirements. The Graduate Requirements are above and beyond all the standard course requirements and help the student prepare for their Graduate Level classes. The Graduate Requirements will also be listed in the individual course syllabi.
  • When a Graduate Student has completed the L1 and L2 Semesters, the student will begin the Standard Graduate Track and will no longer be able to take undergraduate coursework to fulfill graduate course requirements.