Abigail Porter

More of a Home Than School

Abigail Porter always wanted to attend Baylor. Many members of her family attended Baylor, including both her parents. “I grew up coming to many Baylor events: from homecoming parades and bonfires to alumni events and football games,” Abigail recalls. “Baylor feels more like home to me, than school,” she says.

Abigail is taken by how dedicated Baylor is to its students, and the feeling of community that is unparalleled among other universities.

Choosing a Major

Before entering her freshman year, Abigail was undecided on her major. While reading through the list of majors offered at Baylor, speech pathology caught her interest. “I began the fall semester enrolled in Phonetics, and absolutely fell in love with the class, and the career,” she says.

To be positive about her decision, Abigail sought help from career counseling services. The results of her tests and evaluations clearly pointed to speech pathology. She then declared as a speech pathology major.

The Right Decision

While studying abroad in Brazil, Abigail was reassured of her decision to choose speech pathology as her major. Abigail took classes in Brazilian literature and Portuguese.

Abigail loved the phonetics class so much she bought Portuguese phonetics and phonology books that she continues to read. “It was in that moment, when I could apply my major to my second language, that I knew I was in the right place,” Abigail says. 

Supportive Faculty

Abigail loves the Communication Science Disorders department because every one of the professors is genuinely passionate about helping people and changing lives. According to Abigail, this is reflected in their attitudes, personalities, and overall dispositions.

“I honestly believe that all of the professors love what they do and want us to love it as much as they do, and to become the best speech pathologists we can be,” Abigail says.  To Abigail, that is what makes the speech pathology program unique.

“Even though the faculty is so busy, they always manage to make time to help us, and encourage us in the process,” she says. “I have no doubts in my mind that I am where God has planned for me to be, or about the fact that I absolutely love speech pathology.”