Alex Hefner

All it took was a visit

The first time she visited the campus, Alex Hefner knew Baylor University was for her. “I loved the campus and was sold on how welcoming and friendly the faculty was,” Alex says.

After speaking with an older friend at Baylor, Alex was interested speech pathology major. During freshman orientation she met Dr. Michaela Ritter, professor of Communication Science and Disorders and learned more. “I love the thought of being able to help change people’s lives everyday, while at the same time doing something I love,” she says.

Alex knows Baylor is the right place for her because of how much she loves being a part of the community and how much she enjoys learning. “The speech pathology program is wonderful, and the professors are always willing to help,” Alex notes.

Applying Classroom Knowledge

Alex has worked in the Language and Literacy Clinic for a year and half. “It has been such a wonderful experience getting to put what I’m learning in the classroom to practice in therapy sessions,” Alex says.

A memorable moment was watching one of her students in the clinic learn and grow from the summer through December. “We got along really well so it made therapy way more fun, and she made great progress. Even more than that, the confidence she gained was immeasurable!”

Watching her student developed affirmed that she chose the right major with speech pathology. 

Alex also worked at Camp Success. “It was amazing to see the progress every child made in the six weeks of camp,” she says.

Exceptional Faculty

Alex speaks very highly of the faculty; they are all accessible, helpful and friendly. “Some faculty had even given us their cell phone numbers in case we need them after they left the office – and they answer!” Alex has no doubt the professors want the students to learn as much as they can and be as successful as they can.