Melissa Clary

The Right Fit

For Melissa Clary, it was love at first sight. While touring Baylor, Melissa visited a speech pathology seminar and found her calling in life. “Everything seemed to fall into place; I took sign language in high school and was so pleased that I would be able to continue the language in college,” Melissa says.

Her love for Baylor continues to grow as she advances in the speech pathology degree and fosters meaningful friendships. Her desire to work with and help people is fulfilled on a daily basis as a speech pathologist major.

Passionate Professors

Melissa finds that the enthusiasm of professors is contagious. “My teachers have the ability to make me as excited as they are about the courses and because of their enthusiasm, I want to do my best,” she says.

Professors go above, beyond, and sometimes in, to make sure students grasp the material. Melissa’s most poignant memory is seeing her professor Dr. David Garrett perform a videostroboscopy on himself in her Organic and Neurological Disorders class. “There is nothing like your professor sticking a video with a light on it, through his nasal cavity and down his throat, in order to show you how your soft palate works,” she says.

The experience affirmed for her how dedicated professors in the speech pathology department are.