Natalie Sedita


Natalie Sedita decided to attend Baylor because she wanted a smaller Christian school that was close to Dallas, her hometown. “Baylor is the right school for me because it is built on strong Christian values, provides many opportunities to be involved in student groups, and is small enough where teachers know my name,” Natalie notes. 

Natalie chose speech pathology because she knew she wanted to work with children in a job where she felt like she was making a difference. “Speech pathology found me because it fulfills all of these criteria,” Natalie says. 

Hands-On Learning

Natalie speaks highly of the Communication Science and Disorders department. Undergraduates have the opportunity to work with children in the clinic. “It is extremely hands on and the teachers push you to learn,” Natalie says.

Natalie also notes professors are very helpful and maintain a very nurturing environment. “Professors genuinely care about their students, and they do everything in their power to help us succeed,” she says. Her professors helped her achieve goals by assisting her in preparations and applications for graduate school.

Camp Success

Natalie worked at Camp Success, a day camp put on by the Communication Sciences and Disorders department and funded by Waco Scottish Rite. Children come four days a week for six weeks.

At the camp, Natalie had the opportunity to work with some of the reading specialists from the department. “I was trained and had the opportunity to do one-on-one reading therapy with a reading specialist supervising me,” Natalie says.

By the camp’s end, the children had made incredible improvements in their reading as well as their speech. “This was definitely one of the experiences that helped me to know that I have picked the right major. I worked extremely hard and had long hours, but it was all worth it because I enjoyed every moment of it,” Natalie says.