Abbey Schwada

A Quick Change

Abbey Schwada entered college as an education major, but halfway through her freshman year she changed to speech pathology. Abbey’s first attraction to the field was that speech pathology allowed her to pursue her passion: relating to and working with people. “I also was interested in the material and was drawn to the small group hands-on therapy approach,” says Abbey.

The speech pathology department is its own community within the university, she observes. “I know the other students well and I have great relationships with my professors,” Abbey says.

The reasons Abbey chose to attend Baylor are the size of the school, the values the university holds, the great academics and the outstanding faculty. All of these elements made Baylor a perfect fit.

Outstanding Faculty

“The faculty at Baylor is outstanding,” says Abbey. She sees that professors care about students as an individual and want their students to succeed. “They will do anything to help me continue to learn and achieve my goal of being the best speech therapist I can be,” Abbey notes.

Abbey enjoys the material in her speech pathology classes. Throughout her undergraduate experience she is continually reminded of the opportunities she has to help improve people’s lives. She appreciates the opportunity to observe therapy sessions and witness growth in clients.