Masters Student Spotlights

What our graduate students say about CSD!

Allison Young"I think the most unique thing about our graduate program is the collective cooperation of the students and professors." Allison Young
Stephanie Schaefer "I would like to thank everyone in the CSD department for their unending love and support!" Stephanie Schaefer

Hannah Huguenard "I would like to thank my clinical supervisors because without them I would not be the clinician that I am today. They have grace and skills that have shaped me and guided me throughout my career." Hannah Huguenard

Emily Woodby  "Baylor's CSD Department has taught me how big of an impact this field can have on a patient and their family and it's so cool that we get to be a part of that!" Emily Woodby
Catherine Tanner "I would like to thank each and every supervisor, professor, director, coordinator, manager, and assistant in the CSD department because you have helped form me to be more like Christ in all that I do. Thank you for loving us and for challenging us to be the best clincians we that we can be." Catherine Tanner
Chloe Bresnahan"I have learned so much in my time at Baylor. I have learned a lot about speech pathology and how ot be a great clinician. I have learned more about myself and how much I can accomplish. I have cherished the friends I've made. I have seen God's love from the people who make this program what it is."  Chloe Bresnahan

Cassandra Dizon"I have learned a higher level of patience and grace from our clinical supervisors." Cassandra Dizon