Alicia Pattillo, Graduate Student

Why Baylor?

I decided to attend Baylor as an undergraduate student after a campus visit. I had a wonderful experience academically and socially during my undergraduate work, and knew that the graduate program at Baylor would prepare me for my future career.

Research interests

I have developed an interest in the area of language and literacy. This area is constantly evolving, and new research is continually being performed. I have had the great opportunity within the clinical setting and my graduate assistant position to delve into this field. Although many treatment techniques are implemented today, there is still much more to learn within this exciting and vital field of research.


They are willing to arrive early, stay late, and rearrange their schedule in any way to accommodate you with answering questions and providing support. Because the professors are intent on getting to know you as more than just a student, they are able to support strengths and build up weaknesses. These positive characteristics are also seen in the clinic supervisors. The supervisors are willing to assist in any way possible to ensure each clinician has confidence with each client. They provide many resources for treatment and assist in any way possible. Supervisors do not just hand over exact materials to use with each client. Instead, they provide materials that could be helpful, and allow you to research the client's needs to find the appropriate materials to use.

Why I recommend this program

The speech-language pathology program is thorough, challenging, and fulfilling. Not only do you learn the knowledge within the classroom, but you also get ample opportunity to apply the knowledge in the clinic setting. Plus, there's never a dull moment in Neill Morris Hall!

Plans after Graduation

I plan to move back to my hometown of Little Rock, Ark., and work in a local public school. I also plan to increase my Spanish fluency in order to become a bilingual therapist.