Elaine Smith, Graduate Student

Family Feeling and Open Accessd to Faculty

Elaine Smith could be considered something of a prodigal child. Despite a long family history of Baylor Bears, she decided to attend Texas A&M for her undergraduate degree. But just like the Biblical story, when it came time to choose a school for a master's degree, Elaine came home.

The Communications Sciences and Disorders student says "Baylor was on the top of my list. The family history, along with Baylor's amazing CSD department were the major reasons I chose to attend."

While here in Waco, Elaine has found many reasons to endorse the department's well-founded reputation. "My favorite part of the Baylor graduate school is the size," she says. "Our program is one of the smaller programs in the state, which really allows it to feel like a family.

She says it is that family-like atmosphere that allows students to have open access to their professors anytime they have questions about coursework, solutions for dealing with clients, or simply needing to talk about a rough day.

Christian values

Dealing with those rough days are made easier by being part of a welcoming community. Elaine has found living in Waco to be an enjoyable and eye-opening experience. "There are so many walks of life for a city this size. I love being able to encounter all of them in any given day." As for life on campus, she says, "I love watching how the university serves this community with
such pride and love. I believe this is due to the strong Christian
values on which the school was founded."

After Graduation

After graduation Elaine plans to move to Austin and pursue a career in the public school system as a Speech Language Pathologist. "I've always loved the public school system and cannot wait to spend my days learning with students who need me," she says.

Challenges Students to become the Best SPL they can be

When asked if she would recommend the program to others, Elaine gives an emphatic yes. "This program challenges you to become the best SLP you can be. By the time you leave this program, you will be well-prepared educationally, emotionally, clinically, medically, as well as grown as an individual." She adds, "You get to do all this growing surrounded by some of the most incredible people who become your family."