ASL/English Interpreting Minor

A minor in American Sign Language/English interpreting was established in response to the current critical state-wide shortage of qualified interpreters. Our goal is to lay a foundation for students who may wish to pursue further education and enter the field of interpreting. As video relay has come on the scene, the demand for qualified interpreters has risen steadily with the shortage only becoming increasingly worse over the next 10 years. If you are looking for an exciting career with an opportunity to set your own work hours, work full time or part time, for a company or as a private contractor then our program is the place to begin your career.

Required Courses

(CSD 1405 and 1406 must be taken prior to CSD 2301.)

  • *CSD 2301 (ASL III)
  • *CSD 2302 (ASL IV) (prerequisite CSD 2301)
  • CSD 3310 Principles of Interpreting (FALL only)
  • CSD 3312 Deaf Studies (SPRING only)
  • CSD 4322 Interpreting I Prerequisite is CSD 2302 (FALL only)
  • CSD 4320 Interpreting II Prerequisite CSD 4322 (SPRING only)
  • CSD 4V30 Fingerspelling and Numbers (3 credit hours; this course in an independent study) Prerequisite is CSD 2302

Total Credit hours = 21