Bethany Fowler, Graduate Student

Small Classes and Big Opportunities

"I am from a small town and enjoy being involved in a small community," she says. According to Bethany, Baylor's Christian foundation and small class sizes create the perfect combination for an ideal education. "I wanted to be a part of this distinguished society of students and professors while benefitting from the exceptional academic system in my field of study," Bethany explains.

Hands on Experience

Bethany chose the Communication Sciences and Disorders graduate program because it provides students unique opportunities for hands on experience in the Baylor Speech, Hearing and Language Clinic. "We are able to see many areas of the clinic including the preschool language and articulation class, the language and literacy clinic, and neurogenic clinic," Bethany says.

The professional research techniques Bethany has learned guide her in uncovering the most useful resources available in the field. Her primary research interest is concentrated in the relatively new area of language and literacy of school-aged children.

Bethany believes the faculty at Baylor makes it an elite university to attend. Having small classes allows students and professors to relate to one another on a personal level. "Each of my professors has gone out of their way to invest in my life, expressing their desire to help me learn and grow," she says. She enjoys interacting daily with her clinical supervisors as well. "They challenge me to become the best clinician possible through their professional teaching and guidance," Bethany remarks.

Encouraging Environment

Baylor's challenging and nurturing learning environment furnishes exceptional academic and clinical experiences. Bethany highly recommends this rewarding program, which "fully equips students to practice as professional speech pathologists after they graduate." Her active involvement in the Waco community enhances her education by providing real-life applications of academic lessons learned. "I've had the privilege to serve in two elementary schools around Waco while being a student," she says. Paired with a speech pathologist, she works with students needing help in areas from articulation to language, and has the rare opportunity to help autistic children with augmentative devices.

As for future plans, this Abilene native hopes to be a speech pathologist working in an elementary school setting. "I enjoy working intensively with children in therapy and watching them progress over time," Bethany says. "Baylor students are highly recommended in our field of study, and it is encouraging to know that my current hard work will pay off in the future!" she exclaims.