Ashley Carnes, Graduate Student

I am from Galveston, Texas. I have always had a passion for serving others. When I came to Baylor as an undergrad, I saw that it had the same passion that I did. It was the only college and graduate school I applied to, and it has been a perfect fit.

After graduation, Ashley plans to get my clinical certification as a speech language pathologist and pursue a doctorate in speech-language pathology.

Collective Cooperation

I think the most unique thing about our graduate program is the collective cooperation of the students and professors. Everyone is willing to help each other, no matter how large or untimely the request.

My professors have definitely stimulated my interest in and passion for the field of communication sciences and disorders. I plan to continue my education to further research neurogenic disorders in stroke and traumatic brain injury patients, ultimately allowing me to make a larger impact on the lives of others.

Caring Faculty

I never hesitate to say that we have the best professors. Not only is there a continuous open door policy, but their openness extends far beyond the office. Their willingness to share resources, previous experiences and personal life stories is invaluable. They genuinely care about the students and the field, and it shows every day.

Service Opportunities in the Baylor CSD Community

It all comes back to service. I enjoy serving Baylor through various organizations on campus and serving the Waco community through my church and my graduate program. My favorite experiences are participating in Stepping Out and volunteering for Caritas in Waco, as well as the Ronald McDonald House in Temple. I have developed a passion for children's ministry through teaching Sunday school and working in the nursery at my church.

Top Professors in the Field

The Communication Sciences and Disorders Graduate Department possesses some of the top professors in the field. Working with smart, caring and passionate professors and peers who will become colleagues and friends is priceless. In addition, the program at Baylor is faster than most other master's programs, and provides a vast amount of practical application opportunities to prepare you for future careers.