Student Spotlights

Why our students find the programs at Communication Sciences and Disorders challenging, motivating, and fulfilling.

Graduate Student Spotlights

Ashley Carnes

"I never hesitate to say that we have the best professors. Not only is there a continuous open door policy, but their openness extends far beyond the office. Their willingness to share resources, previous experiences and personal life stories is invaluable.They genuinely care about the students and the field, and it shows every day."

Ashley Carnes

Lauren Castro"I am appreciative of my professors because they invest so much of their lives into this program and the education of its students." Lauren feels that they always willing to provide help, guidance and instruction in and out of the classroom. They create a "warm and open environment through sharing personal stories about themselves, their families and early experiences as clinicians."

Lauren Castro

Bethany FowlerBethany believes the faculty at Baylor makes it an elite university to attend. Having small classes allows students and professors to relate to one another on a personal level. "Each of my professors has gone out of their way to invest in my life, expressing their desire to help me learn and grow," she says. She enjoys interacting daily with her clinical supervisors as well. "They challenge me to become the best clinician possible through their professional teaching and guidance," Bethany remarks.

Bethany Fowler

Averi HamiltonAveri said that not only are the Baylor faculty concerned with the student's education, they make a personal effort to help you and make sure you understand all of the material being studied. They, along with the facilities and resources, are at your disposal whenever necessary. The entire faculty is comprised of tremendous leaders in their specializations. They are as role models who consistently guide us along the road to becoming speech pathologists.

Averi Hamilton

Alicia PattilloAlicia spoke about the faculty's willingness to arrive early, stay late, and rearrange their schedule in any way to accommodate you with answering questions and providing support. Because the professors are intent on getting to know you as more than just a student, they are able to support strengths and build up weaknesses.

Alicia Pattillo

Romisa RangelRomisa credits a vast majority of her research success to the department's professors. Highly respected in the speech-language pathology field, "their expertise and knowledge is remarkable," she says. The professors are more than willing to sit down and discuss any projects or class topics that are unclear. They want students to succeed and graduate with abundant knowledge. Two professors that stand out, combining their faith with academia, are Dr. Michaela Ritter and Dr, Jungjun Park.

Romisa Rangel

Lauren ShermanWhen asked to describe her experience at Baylor, Lauren simply responds, "motivating." She believes the strong sense of unity among students, professors and faculty separates Baylor from other graduate schools. "I have learned from, been encouraged by and truly admired my professors," says Lauren.

Lauren Sherman

Elaine Smith"This program challenges you to become the best SLP you can be. By the time you leave this program, you will be well-prepared educationally, emotionally, clinically, medically, as well as grown as an individual." She adds, "You get to do all this growing surrounded by some of the most incredible people who become your family."

Elaine Smith

Undergraduate Student Spotlights

Melissa ClaryMelissa finds that the enthusiasm of professors is contagious. “My teachers have the ability to make me as excited as they are about the courses and because of their enthusiasm, I want to do my best,” she says.

Melissa Clary

Abbey Schwada“The faculty at Baylor is outstanding,” says Abbey. She sees that professors care about students as an individual and want their students to succeed. “They will do anything to help me continue to learn and achieve my goal of being the best speech therapist I can be,” Abbey notes.

Abbey Schwada

Natalie SeditaNatalie notes professors are very helpful and maintain a very nurturing environment. “Professors genuinely care about their students, and they do everything in their power to help us succeed,” she says. Her professors helped her achieve goals by assisting her in preparations and applications for graduate school. Natalie Sedita

Alex HefnerAlex speaks very highly of the faculty; they are all accessible, helpful and friendly. “Some faculty had even given us their cell phone numbers in case we need them after they left the office – and they answer!” Alex has no doubt the professors want the students to learn as much as they can and be as successful as they can.

Alex Hefner

Student Sallie Leslie“Baylor’s campus gives me the feeling of going to a large university with a diverse population but also the sense of belonging to a tight-knit family,” Sallie says.

Sallie Leslie

Lindsey RuckerLindsey notes that all of the professors have been accessible and helpful. “I think that knowing that my professors truly care about my success has helped me succeed in my classes,” she says.

Lindsey Rucker

Abigail loves the Communication Science Disorders department because every one of the professors is genuinely passionate about helping people and changing lives. According to Abigail, this is reflected in their attitudes, personalities, and overall dispositions.

"I honestly believe that all of the professors love what they do and want us to love it as much as they do, and to become the best speech pathologists we can be," Abigail says. To Abigail, that is what makes the speech pathology program unique. - Abigail Porter