Language and Articulation Preschool Class

The Language and Articulation Preschool Class in the Baylor University Speech Hearing and Language Clinic is designed to offer treatment for pre-school children who have been identified with moderate to severe speech and language impairments which interfere with learning. Treatment is provided in a small group setting in a pre-school environment utilizing intensive speech and language stimulation and intervention. The class meets Monday through Thursday. An individualized plan is implemented for speech and language improvement and expansion using naturally occurring routines, social interactions and storybook units.

Children will be considered for selection who are 2 1/2 years to 5 years of age, who have speech and language impairments with average cognitive skills, functional hearing and vision abilities and whose behavior is ready for group instruction. Enrollment is limited due to small class size and low clinician-child ratio. Formal assessment must be completed at the Baylor University Clinic before being considered for the program.

Each client is assigned a clinician for the semester to facilitate the client's classroom experiences while following the semester treatment plan. Each graduate clinician also gains experience preparing lessons for the entire class and preparing and leading those lessons on a rotation plan.

Provision for this program was initiated and continues to be provided by the Dr. and Mrs. Herbert Reynolds Endowment. This unique program has continued to offer support and training for graduate students and treatment for children with communication disorders and their families for many years.

Questions about the Preschool Language Class may be directed to:

Mrs. Janice Stewart, MS, CCC-SLP, Director
or 254-710-6373

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