"I am a senior at Texas A&M University. I attended Baylor my freshman year in 2002-2003. I had the opportunity to visit a grad speech pathology student twice a week in the spring of 2003 to correct my speech impediment. Living 19 years with a lisp was embarrassing and handicapped me in many ways. I have always been an extrovert and outgoing, but I constantly felt limited. Once I was began attending Baylor, I learned that I could get therapy for free since I was a student. Within about 2 months I was "cured" :) I am now student teaching in the Katy area, and I have gained a whole new confidence interacting and speaking with others. My career choice was never considered when I had a lisp, but since I can speak more clearly I am able to follow my "calling" and passion in life- Teaching!"

Rebecca Weathers

I would like to take out the time to thank you for all the hard work that you have done for my son, Jacoby Burks. He has made great progress. You all have done an excellent job with him since you all have been there. I cannot thank you enough for a job well done. I am looking forward to another good year. Keep up the good work. Job well done.

Thank you all
Aaron and LaTricia Burks

The Baylor Speech and Hearing Clinic has truly been a blessing to our family. Since our time at Baylor, our daughter has progressed beautifully in her speech, due largely to their being abreast of the latest research and approaches to speech therapy. Our daughter also eagerly anticipates spending time with these creative and fun graduate students, who really know how to "engage" the child. Although she has had many different speech "teachers" during her four years at Baylor, our supervisor has done an excellent job of maintaining the superior quality and continuity of care one would expect from Baylor. We are fortunate to have been part of their family, and highly recommend this clinic to all.

Jade and Nick Schwedock

Also, Anna Kate would like to add: (She saw me doing this, and asked about it!)
"It's really fun and I like to bowl there. I like all of the crafts we do. I like all of the teachers there."