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Check out a BEAR (Baylor Educational Aquatic Resource) Trunk!  What is a BEAR trunk?  It is a large rolling trunk filled with equipment and supplies to engage your class in aquatic field investigations.  It can be used with all grade levels and is ideally suited for field trips to local water bodies, or investigations near your school.  What’s inside the trunk? BEAR Trunk Contents 

BEAR trunks are available for checkout by any teacher/ school in Educational Service Center R12 and delivery is available for schools within McLennan County.  Not sure what to do with the trunks?  We can teach you how to use the BEAR trunks to design an engaging hands-on outdoor experience for your students.

Where does your water come from when it comes out of the tap and where does it go to when you flush the toilet?  How is water treated so that we can safely use it in our homes and schools, and how is wastewater treated so that it can be returned to rivers and lakes without harming fish and wildlife?  Check out this hands-on enviroscape model to engage your students in learning about the urban water cycle.  Comes with user guide and accessories and in a convenient rolling case.  We can help you learn how to use this engaging demonstration with your students.

Please contact for any questions regarding checking out educator resources.

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