Aquatic Ecosystems

Aquatic Ecosystems

Our CRASR group focuses on many aquatic ecosystems although we mostly specialize in inland, fresh waters.

Dr. Ryan King

Dr. King has an incredibly interdisciplinary research group and has made important contributions to diverse areas of aquatic and ecological sciences. King’s lab is particularly interested in the availability and transformations of three key building blocks of life: carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus. His research spans a huge geographic range and addresses both pristine and highly polluted sites. His expertise and unique methods to understanding how varying levels of elements impact ecosystems in detrimental and sometimes irreversible ways has been adopted by many around the world. 

Dr. Thad Scott

Dr. Scott is a limnologist focused on inland reservoirs, lakes, and ponds. His research interests focus on the reciprocal interactions between environmental levels of nutrients and the microorganisms that depend on them. His lab is particularly interested in how varying ratios of essential chemical elements impact both photosynthetic and heterotrophic microorganisms in the water (ecological stoichiometry). Recently, he has begun to address how climate change is likely to impact these ecosystems.

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