Graduate Student Resources

How can CPD help Baylor graduate students?

The Career and Professional Development Center is here to support your job search, professional development, and discovery and pursuit of personal and career goals. CPD offers a wide range of services and resources that you can utilize today:

Meet with a Career Advisor

  • Resume, CV, and Cover Letter Review
    Receive feedback on your resume, CV, or cover letter by appointment, or come by our office any day of the week for drop-in resume reviews.
  • Career Coaching
    Discuss job search strategies, how to network, and how to effectively present your accomplishments to future employers.
  • Career Exploration
    Discuss your skills, interests, and values and explore various career options before starting the job search process.
  • Mock Interviews
    Practice responding to typical interview questions, and receive feedback on how to make the best impression.

Job Search Resources

Tools from Baylor Graduate School