Onboarding Tips

Welcome Aboard
The first day on the job will set the tone for the rest of the internship. Providing a warm welcoming for your intern will help ease them into the office environment and make them feel like a part of the team.

Set Up for Success
Make your expectations known from the beginning. If you expect your intern to stuff envelopes, answer phones, make copies, and/or run errands, communicate it to them. Setting clear expectations will give both you and your intern the best experience possible.

Don’t forget that your intern will need a workspace in order to complete their daily work assignments. If you want a job done correctly, providing the necessary tools will help ensure success. When assigning projects remember that even though an assignment may sound simple and straight forward to you, your intern is still learning and may need extra guidance. By taking a few minutes to explain your expectations for the project, your intern will soon be able to work independently to produce quality work.

Making a Contribution
Your new intern wants to work and learn. Although you may find attending staff meetings boring, your intern will relish the opportunity to learn firsthand. Providing opportunities for your intern to observe and gain hands-on-experience will teach them about the organization and industry. Because your intern is a student, he or she may not have the business or professional skills that you are accustomed too. If your intern makes a mistake, speak with them one-on-one about how the situation could have been handled so that in the future they will know what an appropriate response would have been.