On-Campus Placement Process

4 Simple Steps to Get Started:

  1. Decide if you need an intern.
  2. If you do, think about what kind of work you need the intern to do.
  3. Write the position description
  4. Post the position with CPD

Final Round of Interviews

One you decide you want to hire an intern through Baylor's On-Campus Internship Program, your position description will be placed on our website. To maintain the integrity of the program, your contact information will not be on the position description and a disclaimer directing students not to contact your office will be used. In the event a student contacts you directly, please alert Baylor's On-Campus Internship Program staff. Students will be encouraged to preference where they would like to intern based on the posted position descriptions. You will select students based on those preferences. Please contact CPD with additional questions.

Timeline and Salaries/Funding the Internship

This is a sample timeline:
  1. Positions posted by the first day of the semester.
  2. Recruitment of students week 1 and 2 of classes (Aug 25-Sept 4).
  3. Deadline for application Sept 5.
  4. Initial interview panel to select finalists on Sept 10.
  5. Final Interviews/placement by Sept 17.
  6. Online trainings Sept 18-19.
  7. Start date Sept 22, end date Dec 5.
  8. Must work 100-200 hours (part-time, 10-20 hrs for 10 wks).
  9. Site visits at midway point of semester.

Student wages can be managed by the office’s current budget to cover minimum wage or if the student has federal work study funds available, the office can use their work study budget.