3 Steps to On-Campus Internships

Step 1: Designing your Program: Questions to Ask

  • What skills and experience will a student intern gain from working with your office?
  • Do you or someone in your department have time to supervise and train an intern?
  • How will you demonstrate a strong commitment to their goals and learning outcomes?
  • What kind of training will you provide the intern?
  • How many hours a week will you expect the intern to be onsite?
Defining the Position

As you think about the structure and foundation of your new internship program, use these questions to help form your internship program even further:

  • Academic Credit: Would you like the intern to earn academic credit?
  • Pay/Stipend: How will you pay your intern? Contact CPD for some ideas.
  • Academic Majors: What academic majors or areas of study would be a good fit for your internship?
  • Qualifications: What qualifications, skills, and previous experience does an intern need to have to learn best at your site?
  • Site Supervisor: Who will serve as your site supervisor for your intern?

Step 2: Create a Position Description

Now that you have answered all of the tough questions, it’s time to write the position description for your internship position. You can find an example of a position description here to assist you in organizing yours. This will be posted on our website and shared with students.

Step 3: Contact CPD

Once you’ve written your position description, you can contact us to confirm your participation in Baylor's On-Campus Internship Program