On-Campus Internship Program

Do you need help from a qualified individual? Baylor's On-Campus Internship Program is designed to partner Baylor students with on-campus professionals to give students real-work experience.

Baylor's On-Campus Internship Program employs students for 10 weeks.

Establishing Your Internship

Benefits of having a Baylor intern are numerous:
  • Mentor a Baylor student new to your field
  • Gain innovative ideas from the fresh perspective of an intern
  • Cost-effective connection for a real contribution
  • Learning activities will include learning objective and goals, observation, reflection, evaluation and assessment.
  • Promotes academic, career, and personal development.
  • Internships can be part of an education program that is carefully monitored for academic credit or internships can be part of a learning plan that is developed individually.

Requirements of students to participate

  • Enrolled full-time in good standing with the university.
  • Have at least a 2.5 GPA
  • Be able to attend all program events.

Requirements of hosting offices

  • Give the students real work aligned with their learning objectives as stated on the learning agreement.
  • Provide formal feedback regarding performance via a midterm and final evaluation.
  • Internship should not displace a university employee.
  • Students and offices are committing to a part-time internship - 100 hours to 200 hours over 10 weeks (10-20 hrs per week for 10 weeks).
  • Students are trained to handle themselves professionally during their internship.
  • Baylor's On-Campus Internship Program staff are available to support students and offices as needed.
  • On-site supervisors are encouraged to take their students to meetings, etc to give them the full internship experience.