Mock Interviews

Mock interviews are free practice interviews sponsored by the Career and Professional Development Center. These interviews are a reliable way to prepare for an actual employment interview because they provide you with practice and perspective on the best way to present yourself. These interviews are meant to be as realistic as possible. You will be asked interview questions that would be asked by actual employers.

Mock interviews help:
  • Students know themselves and their past experiences
  • Prepare students to answer difficult questions
  • Reduce students’ anxiety and nervousness before an actual interview
The best ways to prepare for the mock interview, or any interview, are:
  • Dress professionally
  • Arrive early
  • Bring your résumé
  • Be prepared for behavioral questions. For example: "Tell me about a time that you had a disagreement with someone you worked with and how you handled the situation?" or "Tell me a mistake you made and how you fixed it."

Not quite ready for a Mock Interview? Start your practice online with Interview Stream: InterviewStream