TSS Accessibility Considerations

The Texas Supervision Symposium (TSS) planning committee is aiming to create a conference setting that is inclusive, accessible, and affirming of all participants. We want to ensure that various learning styles and needs of all participants are considered in the planning of this conference experience. To ensure participation is available to all participants, we outline the following as aspirations and guides in how we might engage one another in accessible ways. We warmly invite all presenters and participants to join in these efforts.

Facilities and Accessibility Information:

  • During registration you will have the option to indicate dietary restrictions or preferences.  We review all of the responses we have when selecting meal options with our caterers.
  • The spaces used for the Symposium are on the 5th floor of the Baylor's McLane Stadium.  There is an elevator from ground floor that opens into the Symposium Space on the 5th floor.

  • There are both multi-user gender specific restrooms, and an all gender family restroom immediately adjoining the symposium space.

  • Microphones will be used in the symposium space.  We will respectfully request that anyone contributing to large-group discussion use the microphones in order to maximize the ability of participants to hear.

  • We will work to make PowerPoints and all other materials available in advance of presentations. Presentation materials can be found on this website in the week before the Symposium.

  • We ask everyone to maintain gratitude, receptivity, and respect for feedback given.

    • Believe people’s reports of trauma, oppression, marginalization, and microaggression.

    • Hold compassion for self and others in the learning process

A Statement for Participants:

The TSS planning committee encourages persons with disabilities to participate in all conference activities. It is important to us that the TSS is inclusive of all individuals. If you anticipate needing any accommodation or have questions, please contact Ed Rogers by email (ed_rogers1@baylor.edu) or by phone (254-710-2467) in advance of your participation. Requests should be made by June 16, 2023.

A Statement for Presenters:

Your presentations are the heart of TSS. As a presenter, the planning committee is calling on you to aid us in meeting the aspirations outlined above. We ask that you remind participants of these values and live out the spirit of inclusivity we seek to create together. Please consider the diversity of licenses our attendees have in designing presentations.  We have licensed and yet-to-be licensed attendees.  Thank you for your commitment to accommodation and inclusivity at TSS.

Tools for Presenters:


The above link will help presenters run a report on planned PowerPoints to ensure that participants with a screen reader can follow along. It will provide feedback that tells presenters what can be added to make the presentation accessible. This may require modifying your PowerPoint by:

  • Adding slide titles

  • Adding captions to any pictures you may use

  • Captions for videos

  • Removing any flashing images from slides

  • Using large font size and high contrast between the letters and the background.

  • Describing images and/or visual content (slides, activities, etc.).

Additional tips for presenters to ensure presentations are accessible to all participants.

Information for using bias-free language during presentations.

Accessibility Resources: