TSS History and Past Keynotes

Many of us have had the lived experience that good supervisors are constantly learning from and leaning on the support of other supervisors, and yet there is a lack of opportunities to discuss supervision outside our own centers.  The Symposium is a response to these needs, and arose out of the desire to have some local community and education for supervisors.  The first Symposium was hosted in 2018, and the symposium is co-hosted annually by Baylor and Texas A&M.  It rotates locations between those two universities.  In 2020 and 2021, the Symposium was offered online due to the COVID pandemic, and was offered in a hybrid format in 2022.

Past Symposium Keynotes

2022: Dr. Enedalia Sauceda, Ph.D., "Connecting is hard right now, y'all... Practicing mindful authenticity in supervision"

2021: Dr. Archandria Owens, Ph.D., “Supervising While Black: Racial Trauma and the Supervisory Relationship in the time of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Jacob Blake"

2020: Dr. Robert Carter, Ph.D.,"Exciting the Human Potential: Connecting with Ourselves and with the People that we Supervise."

2019: Dr. Carmen Cruz, Psy.D., "Working on my Multicultural Competence as a Supervisor in a Divisive Cultural Climate."

2018: Dr. Cecilia Sun, Ph.D., “When Supervision is Hard: Strategies for Working Through Difficulties in Supervision.”