Mental Health Ally

Baylor Mental Health Ally Initiative

The Baylor Mental Health Ally Initiative is designed to increase mental health awareness and education on campus, as well as provide support for students who are struggling with mental health issues. The initiative will involve stakeholders from all levels of the university (faculty, staff, student organizations, students) working together to promote mental health resources and create a more supportive campus environment. Additionally, the initiative will work to destigmatize mental health issues and create a more open dialogue about mental health on campus. Ultimately, the goal of the Baylor Mental Health Ally Initiative is to create a more supportive and inclusive campus community for all students.

Mental health is everyone’s concern, which means anyone can get involved at any level. There are many ways to get involved with mental health allyship, whether it is through joining a mental health organization on campus, participating in mental health awareness events, or simply starting a conversation about mental health with your friends and family. Every action, no matter how small, can make a difference.

Students can become an ally through several opportunities:

  • Stop by a mental health awareness event and join Togetherall to receive a mental health ally sticker
  • Attend QPR (Question, Persuade, Respond) Gatekeeper training and receive a mental health matters ally T-shirt
  • Join Active Minds and receive a mental health ally bracelet
  • Attend Mental Health First Aid training and receive a mental health ally pin

Apply to become a Certified Baylor Mental Health Ally

A Certified Baylor Mental Health Ally signifies a dedicated investment in learning how to support the mental health needs of the Baylor community and contributing to destigmatizing mental health. As a Certified Baylor Mental Health Ally, you have completed both the QPR (Question, Persuade, Refer) Gatekeeper training (1.5 hours) and Mental Health First Aid (8 hours). Certified Mental Health Allies will receive a personalized certificate and email signature. Please apply here. 

**Please Note: Applications will be reviewed monthly. After review, you will receive a confirmation email**

What it means to be a Baylor Mental Health Ally

  • Increase open dialogue about mental health and break the stigma around mental illness
  • Work towards creating a more supportive environment for all students at Baylor University
  • Recognize when someone might be in need of mental health support and know how to refer someone to mental health resources.
  • Educate yourself and peers about mental health
  • Reflect on and correct your own implicit bias around mental health
  • Be open and approachable with your peers and consider sharing your own vulnerability or experience with mental health challenges
Baylor Mental Health Ally Commitment


Baylor Mental Health Allies exist to create a culture of care and support for those affected by mental illness. By being a Mental Health Ally, I will work to create an inclusive culture of care that allows me and my peers the opportunity for mental wellness. I understand the importance of creating a culture that fosters care and wellness within myself, peers, faculty members - even friends! Being an ally means we as Baylor Bears will all take steps together, so no one feels alone when struggling with these issues! As an active ally, I will educate myself on the resources that are available to those in need and be an advocate when I have the opportunity to assist or refer someone who is struggling, with the goal of de-stigmatizing and promoting mental health for all Baylor Bears.

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