Parent support

The Baylor Counseling Center wants to acknowledge the exciting and overwhelming experience it can be for parents who are sending student off to college. While Baylor University is taking great steps to adhere to students safety and wellness parents may be needing some  support as well.  Baylor Parent Engagement is a great place to start


The Counseling Center is  reminding students to practice self-care we are also encouraging parents to do the same. Taking care of ourselves mind, body and soul, and seeking help when needed. That help can come in many different forms from a trusted friend, pastor, life group, and counseling. Counseling can help parents to process the feelings that come with a big change such as sending a young adult off to college. Along with providing a safe confidential place to lean new ways to communicate and set boundaries as relationships start to shift. A family physician or insurance provider is a great place to start in finding a counselor near you.