Diversity Outreach Partnership (DOP)

Diversity Outreach Partnership (DOP)

The DOP is an amazing partnership between our interns and our Baylor campus that lasts across the internship year! 

Interns will explore historically underrepresented and marginalized student populations on campus that are of interest and then be matched with students that will expand their own competency of individual and cultural diversity. 

Each intern will be paired with a unique student organization or campus department.   They will establish an ongoing year-long relationship. This will include regularly attending their meetings, assessing the needs of the group, developing an outreach presentation that utilizes their skills and knowledge as early career mental health professionals, and assessing its impact.

The organization will provide feedback to the interns.  The interns will present a written final report about the experience and then offer a formal presentation of the experience to the Counseling Center Staff.  Throughout the year, interns will be supported by a dedicated DOP supervisor

Building this type of partnership has become a model for how our counseling center develops campus relationships that demonstrate care for students and offers a point of connection. 


The purpose of the Diversity Project is to:
  1. Make a positive psychological impact on the chosen minority student population.
  2. Develop intern’s awareness, knowledge, and skills in working with this population.
  3. Develop intern’s skills in systemic assessment, collaboration, and public speaking to foster self-efficacy and confidence as part of their professional development process.
  4. Develop/grow intern’s professionalism, interdepartmental communication, relationship building and advocacy.


Examples of Partnering Departments/Organizations:
  1. Latinas Unidas (community support program for Hispanic female students)
  2. My Sister, Myself (community support program for Black female students)
  3. MISTER (community support program for minority male students)
  4. VETS Program
  5. First in Line (program for first generation students)
  6. Baylor Athletics Department
  7. Multicultural Affairs (list available at Multicultural Affairs website)
  8. Multicultural Greek Organizations (list available at Student Activities website)
  9. CL&L (Residence Halls that have unique roles in serving minority students)
  10. Paul Foster Student Success Center / OALA