Trauma Recovery Supervision Group (TRSG)

Inspiration for the Intern TRSG

Due to the ubiquitous nature of trauma, assisting clients with recovery from a traumatic experience is just part of being a strong clinician.  Our internship program is dedicated to recognizing this and providing an intentional model to train interns to be able to provide excellence in their care for clients that have had a traumatic experience.

We provide excellent supervision and training from a relational framework in an environment where supervisors are sensitive to the impact on clinicians of working with trauma and can provide normalizing and supportive interventions.

Purpose and Objectives

The Trauma Recovery Supervision Group (TRSG) exists to ensure that the Baylor University Counseling Center provides adequate supervision for interns who are working with clients who have experienced traumatic events.  Specifically, the TRSG will provide developmentally appropriate scaffolding regarding the (a) assessment of trauma-related disorders; (b) the adaptation of evidence-based therapies for use in a University Counseling Center setting; and (c) the respectful inclusion of the diverse identities represented within each client and clinician.  An objective is that the TRSG would be instrumental in equipping interns to successfully work with trauma-related cases within each of their future practice locations.

Across the Internship Training Year

The TRSG will not focus on the exploration or processing of the trauma history of any interns but will solely focus on the group supervision of the treatment of trauma-related disorders.  Though the TRSG will provide some didactic content, the majority of the time allotted will be focused on the supervision of the interns’ trauma-related cases.  The TRSG will meet weekly for two hours and will be led by clinicians experienced in providing trauma counseling. 

Summer Orientation:  20 hours

20-hour base-line training, co-taught by multiple staff, covering multiple areas including Initial Assessment, Intake, Crisis, Self-Care, models of intervention, ethics, legal, Title IX, resources available, diversity intersectionality, etc… Orientation will include roleplays, readings, and other preparatory work.

Weekly TRSG across the year: 1-2 Hours

            Continued readings, discussions, and case consultations

            Reviewing video of interns providing counseling is a key focus.

As interns’ competencies develop, the TRSG may evolve.