Around the Table



The Baylor Counseling Center welcomes you to this brave space. These spaces are designed to allow all students the opportunity to process their thoughts and feelings surrounding social concerns that occur on local, state, national and/or worldwide level. As individuals, we can be greatly impacted by social influences and when the future is unknown, our mental health can be negatively impacted. These spaces will allow you to express yourself, challenge one another in a positive way, and learn from one another. At times, you may experience discomfort as we are discussing topics that may be uncomfortable in nature. This is an understandable reaction. We want all participants to feel comfortable learning, sharing, and growing together.

What is Around the Table?

Around the Table are virtual process spaces for Baylor University students that provide easy access to support and consultation with peers and BUCC Staff. Each process space is focused on a specific topic, identity, or concern.

How do virtual process spaces work?

Virtual process spaces are provided via a secure and encrypted connection in Zoom. Click this link and complete the registration and you will receive a link to a video session for the date and time of the space you selected. When you join the process space, you will wait in the “virtual waiting room” until BUCC Staff is available to start the space. Each process space is hosted by BUCC Staff and is attended by Baylor University students who share the specified concern or identity.

Additional Information about Process Spaces

Process spaces are not a substitute for ongoing counseling and doesn’t constitute mental health treatment, but they can be helpful by providing space to share specific concerns, help explore solutions, and get support from peers and experienced BUCC Staff.

While BUCC Staff will make every effort to maintain confidentiality, we need each participant’s help. In these process spaces there is an expectation that participants keep information about other attendees private.  One exception to confidentiality* is that BUCC Staff may need to share information in a situation in which safety for yourself or others is a concern or there is concern regarding a violation to Title IX policies. At the beginning of every process space, BUCC Staff will review the expectations for the process space.

*It is important to note that since these spaces are not considered therapy information shared by participants does not fall under privileged communication. If information is shared that potentially violates Baylor University Sexual and Interpersonal Misconduct PolicyBUCC Staff are required to report this information to the Equity, Civil Rights, and Title IX Office. If you would like to discuss confidential matters, please call our office to schedule an appointment, 254-710-2467.


Experiencing a Mental Health Crisis?

BUCC offers 24-hour crisis intervention services for Baylor University students or for those who are concerned about an enrolled student. Call BUCC at 254-710-2467. 


Current Events: 2021

As a nation, we reflect on the events on the Capitol last week and become present to the national conversations these recent events have evoked. As you witness this unfolding, you may be experiencing an increase in stress, fear, anxiety, or uncertainty. Around the Table is offering space where you can join with other students in processing your thoughts and feelings surrounding these recent events.

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When: Jan 19, 2021 05:30 PM Central Time

To register for one of the sessions below, please click HERE.

Jan 19th , 2021